Author Topic: Should we always log out of a website when we've finished participating there?  (Read 233 times)

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I'm currently having a debate on another forum about the wisdom or otherwise of logging out when leaving a website where you've had to log in to participate, as on here for example.

Personally, I always log out when I leave such a site, in the belief that if I remain logged in there could be an open pathway for fraudsters to gain access to more sensitive material on my hard drive.

In the aforesaid discussion, my initial post has so far elicited 27 responses (in less than 24 hours) only three of which indicate any sense of caution on the part of the contributor.  Most seem to be completely blas? about the whole subject, maintaining that there's no security concern and it's more convenient than having to log in each time they visit.

One or two have indicated their own caution levels, two of whom have mentioned CCleaner, which apparently can be used to clear all browsing history and cache.  The most cautious individual of all has probably taken things to an unnecessary extreme:

"Yes I log out every time, after every browsing session I securely erase all browsing history with CCleaner.

Before I shut down the computer I use another program to securely erase the Internet Explorer Java script and ActiveX logs, site usage reports, registry entries, keyboard usage stats and MS error reports.

Once a week or so using yet another secure program I manually erase the AppData Local encrypted MS user logs and the LocalLow MS CryptnetUrlCache Content and MetaData files too".

What are the dangers (if any) of remaining logged in all the time, and what advice would you give to anyone on this subject?