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Tiscali connection issues
« on: August 21, 2007, 12:04:57 AM »
A resurrection of the earlier post (wording may not be identical, but you'll get the gist) - if I recall, Willabong and LoopyLou had both responded ...

I have several clients experiencing connections issues with Tiscali, the two worse hit are those listed below who have suffered loss of connection for almost 6 months:

Client 1

Inadvertently switched telephone provider in April and found that Tiscali or BT don't automatically reactivate. Four telephone calls to their Customer Service helpline resulted in differing prognosis:

First phone call to helpline: was told the line had been deactivated but nothing done about it - no phone calls or follow ups as promised

Second phone call to helpline: was told the line was fine

Third phone call to helpline: was told the line had been deactivated but nothing done about it (same as above)

Fourther phone call to helpline: was told the line was fine

In reality, the line wasn't fine and after a call to Milton Keynes Head Office was told line would be reactivated two weeks later. I told the representative this was the case during the very first phone call.

Since then she has suffered yet another outage over a month ago (so only had her connection for about 4 weeks). A phone call to the helpline again resulted in them saying there was nothing wrong. After several tickets and forum posts that were left unanswered, my client has now cancelled her subscription and is awaiting her MAC code to migrate.

Client 2

This client has had no Internet connection since March. She phoned Customer Service who reduced her to tears and they also managed to uninstall her printer. She was told at that time the issue was with her computer because she was getting USB bandwidth errors. After the traumatic phone call, she left it a little while before contacting me. With the increasing number of clients switching telephone providers not realising their connection will be affected, I asked her the question in the first instance. It transpires she had changed provider and she switched back to BT immediately.

Once she was reactivated, because she still couldn't connect she got me to visit. After a process of elimination and reinstall of printer, I diagnosed the problem to be with her USB modem supplied by Tiscali. A connection was possible with my test USB modem and bandwidth errors were only generated when the faulty USB modem was plugged in.

I phoned Customer Service on her behalf who were arrogant, rude and downright obnoxious. He was reading from a script and when I dared interrupt his speech, he started from the beginning again. Argued with me it wasn't the modem and when I insisted on speaking to a manger, it was agreed they would send my client a replacement modem in 3-5 days. This was on 31 July - it's now 20 August!!! In the meantime, my client wrote a letter of complaint to Tiscali on 13 August and still hasn't had a response by letter or telephone.

I have again today made contact with Tiscali on her behalf who have promised a replacement modem will be sent within 4 days - time will tell!!! The good news for her is that her contract only has a few weeks to go, so I will be requesting her MAC code for her just as soon as she gets the modem (if it arrives).

I've discovered that Watchdog are raising awareness of issues with Tiscali in an Autumn episode and I would urge anyone experiencing such problems to submit a report and supplementary evidence to them direct HERE. Enter Computers & Communication as the main category and Internet Service Providers as the sub category.

As an aside, members should also be aware that if you change your name on your BT account, this will also deactivate your broadband line with a BT dependent provider and you'll have to wait for the lengthy process of reactivation again.
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Re: Tiscali connection issues
« Reply #1 on: August 21, 2007, 07:49:17 PM »
I had commented yesterday that though I'd not actually had that many problems with Tiscali (like Willabong, I've had a few disconnetions; however, unlike him, they're not that frequent - perhaps 1 or 2 a week, & as I never do anything that's *that* important, I can live with it).

However, yesterday I did have great difficulty getting my emails, though that could have been both Mailwasher & Thunderbird baulking at the 690 messages that had built up when I was away (c. 95% spam), as once I'd cleared them via the Web interface, I was able to start picking them up ...