Author Topic: Phone scam using Support PCs name  (Read 1787 times)

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Phone scam using Support PCs name
« on: November 03, 2010, 02:15:40 PM »
It's come to our attention that the Indian call centre scam (see has now reached our shores, so to speak. Apparently these scammers are now cold calling people claiming to be from Support PCs.

I'm sure you're all wise to this scam, although you might think twice if our name was involved. However, Joe and I have updated the front pages of the respective Support PCs web sites with the following message:

"This site provides advice articles and support via its forum. We don't provide phone support and definitely do not use unsolicited phone calls to contact potential customers. There is a pervasive phone scam, apparently originating in India that involves people being contacted and offered preventative PC help to combat viruses, spyware and other infections. They aim to get the customer's credit card details and charge large sums. Callers claim to be from Microsoft, from Windows and from various other places. We've recently had a report of the Support PCs name being abused in this way. The scammers are doing so without our knowledge or permission. We strongly condemn this dishonest practice. Please put the phone down on any scam call you receive. We do not offer phone or remote support and have no plans to change this policy."

On a personal level, I'm both gobsmacked (it's not as if we're a massive household name) and angry about this. But all we can do is pass on the warning - remember, as with most things in life, if you're not 150 per cent happy with anything, don't proceed. And never respond to cold callers in any form: at the door, on the phone or via email.
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