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I'm currently having a debate on another forum about the wisdom or otherwise of logging out when leaving a website where you've had to log in to participate, as on here for example.

Personally, I always log out when I leave such a site, in the belief that if I remain logged in there could be an open pathway for fraudsters to gain access to more sensitive material on my hard drive.

In the aforesaid discussion, my initial post has so far elicited 27 responses (in less than 24 hours) only three of which indicate any sense of caution on the part of the contributor.  Most seem to be completely blas? about the whole subject, maintaining that there's no security concern and it's more convenient than having to log in each time they visit.

One or two have indicated their own caution levels, two of whom have mentioned CCleaner, which apparently can be used to clear all browsing history and cache.  The most cautious individual of all has probably taken things to an unnecessary extreme:

"Yes I log out every time, after every browsing session I securely erase all browsing history with CCleaner.

Before I shut down the computer I use another program to securely erase the Internet Explorer Java script and ActiveX logs, site usage reports, registry entries, keyboard usage stats and MS error reports.

Once a week or so using yet another secure program I manually erase the AppData Local encrypted MS user logs and the LocalLow MS CryptnetUrlCache Content and MetaData files too".

What are the dangers (if any) of remaining logged in all the time, and what advice would you give to anyone on this subject?
If the message was not from her, then she needs to run a complete spyware check and also download and install "Malwarebytes" the free version and "SuperAntiSpyware" free version from the addresses below. She should run them and remove everything the programs find!

Both programs need to be run, because they tend to find different problems!

I will tell you what else she needs to do after she has reported back on using these programs!
Internet & Email / Re: Friend receives my emails but can't transmit to me .. why?
« Last post by Rupert on July 03, 2016, 01:57:32 PM »
Thank you for your helpful reply, Willabong.

We are both users and we've always been able to communicate both ways before.  I've checked 'Options' and I have no blocked senders in there.  I've also checked my 'Junk' folder - it's empty.  She can send emails to others but I'm not the first contact she's experienced this kind of problem with previously.

However, today we agreed to delete each other from our respective address books and re-enter them as before.  Happily I have now received an email from her, so fingers crossed all will be well from now on.

On another note, she informs me that a mutual friend has received an email purporting to be from her, but it's not (spelling mistakes being the giveaway).  I'm now wondering if at some time recently she may have been hacked, which might or might not explain the communication glitches.

What do you think?
The first thing to do is establish who has the problem?
Do you receive e-mails from your other friends and contacts without problems?
If the answer to the above question is YES, then the problem is on her side of the fence, if NO then it is your isp/client that is at fault?

If the fault is her side, she should be able to tell you if she can send e-mails to others on her contact list without problems, if she can, then you both need to check your "Options" settings in Outlook to hake sure you have not blocked her address/your address?

If you have another e-mail address, you could get her to try and send a message to that one, this would not tell you where the problem lies, but it may solve the problem of receiving e-mails from her?

Also check your other folders in Outlook, because you can sometimes receive messages to another folder because of an incorrect setting?
If all of this fails to resolve the problem, then you could create a new free gmail account, and add that to Windows Live, then get her to send her mails to that address.
Internet & Email / Friend receives my emails but can't transmit to me .. why?
« Last post by Rupert on July 02, 2016, 11:45:12 AM »
A strange anomaly has arisen whereby I send emails to a friend to which she replies, but her reply doesn't reach me.

She's tried going for 'New Message' and cut'n'pasting the text from the thread - as opposed to clicking 'Reply' - but that doesn't seem to work either.  She doesn't get a  notice from her POP server telling her that her message couldn't be delivered, so there's nothing at her end to indicate that the email was never transmitted.

I last received an email from her back in May and nothing new has transpired since then.  I have Windows 8.1, she has Windows 10 and we both have Outlook as our email system (mine is Windows Live Mail 2012 but I haven't yet established what hers is, but it'll be whatever comes bundled with W10).

What might be the problem and what do you suggest she or I try next?
It is possible for a browser to block access to a site for security reasons, the setting for this would be in the browser preferences. But it is not possible for a browser to stop you from logging into a site or to stop you from posting!
Your problem is probably connected to the site itself, there are a couple of things you can try:

Try a different browser.

Re-register with the site with a new user name/e-mail address/password.
Internet & Email / Can't use one particular forum because of my web browser!
« Last post by Rupert on May 19, 2016, 06:06:45 PM »
Ever since my favourite forum changed its hosting company, I've been unable to enter posts.  I can read everyone else's contributions, it's just that I can't contribute anything myself.

Their appropriate help person has communicated with the hosting company (XenForo) a couple of times and only today another reply has come through in which the hosting company reckons the age of my browser is the problem and I need to update it.

I have Explorer 11, version 11.0.9600.18321 and the 'update versions' tell me that I'm on 11.0.31 (KB3154070).  The box relating to 'Install new versions automatically' is checked, so I should be bang up to date.

Is there an Explorer 12?  Why should XenForo present me with an issue, while a myriad other forums to which I belong are no problem at all?
Windows / Re: Windows 10 keeps trying to install without being asked ... Help!
« Last post by Willabong on April 16, 2016, 08:41:58 PM »
No problem Rupert:  Windows update could well be responsible, as it will try and push the W10 upgrade as often as it can! This is down to Microsoft's policy to get everyone onto Windows 10 as soon as possible.  Having said that, Windows 10 is a huge leap forward in MS operating systems, and I for one will never go back to any earlier version!
Windows / Re: Windows 10 keeps trying to install without being asked ... Help!
« Last post by Rupert on April 12, 2016, 06:41:58 PM »
Sorry Willabong, I should have acknowledged your help sooner.

I have used GWX Control Panel to successfully remove all vestiges of Windows 10.  The funny thing is, now that their little application has completely gone, my PC stays asleep when it's supposed to, and doesn't awake by itself for no good reason .. something that was driving me mad! 

I wonder if the W10 stuff was messing with its head?!
Windows / Re: Windows 10 keeps trying to install without being asked ... Help!
« Last post by Willabong on March 24, 2016, 08:05:01 AM »
Tha top item on the list will work:     GWX Control Panel.
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